Does Green Tea Burn Belly Fat?

It seems like we’re always in search of the holy grail of fitness – the flat stomach. It seems to be the question that’s so difficult to answer… what is the best way to burn belly fat? There are an endless amount of supplements that claim to burn belly fat, torch the hard to lose fat areas and shred your body faster than ever. The problem is that most of them do very little or nothing at all. Pop a few pills or mix some powder into your favorite beverage and POOF…. no more belly fat! It seems too good to be true and it usually is. However, the good news is that there are some exceptions.

What Does the Research say?

When it comes to supplements, aside from trying them, the only semi-reliable thing you can do is read the research, and I don’t mean the information linked to in the manufacturer’s webpage. I’ve taken green tea extract for fat loss before, and I’m currently taking it now. I feel that it does help me, however, your results may be different.

There is some indecisive information out there regarding the effectiveness of green tea for fat loss, however, the one thing that is agreed upon is that you need to be taking green tea extract with at least 45% EGCG if you’re going to take it. It should also be taken with caffeine. Don’t bother with products that only list “green tea leaf” without EGCG on the label.

Here is some research related to the effectiveness of green tea for belly fat reduction. Read up and make an educated decision about whether or not green tea is right for you!


This study was performed on healthy men who took Green tea extract (GTE) before a cycling session vs healthy men who took a placebo. The results of the study showed that men who took the GTE had improved fat oxidation and improved insulin sensitivity.


This study by the American Journal on Clinical Nutrition found similar results to the above study.


This study showed different results. Their results showed that participants who ingested GTE for 1 day had no effect on lipolysis or fat oxidation, while participants who ingested GTE for 7 days had significantly increased lipolysis, but still no increase in fat oxidation.

So, Does Green Tea Burn Belly Fat?

In my opinion, it does. According to the research, it’s inconclusive. Like I said, in my experience, I feel that it does make a difference when I incorporate it into my supplement stack. Through my own research, I believe there a few key requirements when it comes to having success with GTE.

1. It must contain 45% or more EGCG on the nutrition label

2. It must be taken with caffeine

3. It should be taken before and after exercise with a total around 2000mg per day

4. It must be taken daily for an extended period of time

This are the steps that I follow and I’ve found success with GTE. Try it out for yourself!

*I am not a Dietician. Always do your own research when it comes to putting any supplement into your body.