Does Jump Rope Burn Fat?

Jumping rope has been around forever. I’m sure many of you remember the old Rocky days, watching Stallone jump rope, pour sweat and look seemingly more ripped with every jump! It worked in the movies, but does jump rope burn fat? I say a resounding YES! In fact, jumping rope is one of my favorite forms of cardio for several reasons. This article will discuss the fat burning efficiency of jumping rope, as well as some other great benefits of this classic form of cardio.

How Many Calories Though??

According to several calorie burning calculators I’ve experimented with, and double checked them against my heart rate monitor, jumping rope can burn as much as 100-200 per 10 minutes, depending on your weight and how fast you jump. During my last workout, I jumped rope at a fast pace (about 100 jumps per minute), and according to my heart rate monitor, I burned 145 calories in 10 minutes. Obviously, heart rate monitors aren’t 100% accurate, but even it’s off by a few calories, you’re still looking at burning anywhere from 500-700 calories per hour. To give you an idea of just how effective jumping rope can be for burning fat, to get a similar caloric loss, you’d have to run at an 8 minute mile pace (check out this article from WebMD for more interesting facts about jump rope). That’s pretty damn good! But that’s not even the best part!

Jumping Rope is Great for Muscle Definition

The calorie burn is great, but there are many more benefits that go along with jumping rope, namely, improvements in muscle definition. You’re not jumping as high as you can, but you are jumping, and jumping is great for definition in your legs. After 10-20 minutes of jump rope, you’ll feel your calves and quads burning big time. In addition to a killer leg workout, your shoulders and arms will feel the burn too! It doesn’t seem like much, but all those little spins of the rope will fatigue your arms in a hurry. Another important part of that is the benefits jumping rope has on your posture. Because of the way you typically spin the rope, your posterior muscles get more of a workout, which is great for posture.

Jump Rope Limits Injuries and Osteoporosis

If you’ve ever ran a long distance, you’ve probably felt the joint pain caused by all those steps. Jumping rope, if done correctly (on your toes), limits the stress put on your joints because you’re using the body’s natural shock absorbers! Staying high on your toes allows your calves to take the brunt of the force of the jump, rather than your heels. This fatigues the muscles and limits the stress put on the joints.

The light impact of small hops has also been shown to be great for bone density. This is especially important for women who are more prone to osteoporosis and osteopenia.

In conclusion, you should try jumping some rope! Does jump rope burn fat? YES! Jumping rope is great for burning calories which can lead to fat loss. Jumping rope is also great for muscle definition, bone density and is a lot easier on your joints than other forms of cardio. If you’ve never jumped rope before, it can take some practice, but stick with it! You’ll get better a lot faster than you think. However, the key to fat loss lies in your nutrition plan. Check out this article to learn how food can help you lose fat fast.