My Top 3 Preworkout Supplements for Weight Lifting

Preworkout has become pretty essential to my supplement stack, while I know it isn’t required, the difference in my workouts with and without it is significant enough that I use it regularly. Preworkout supplements combine a blend of ingredients that improve focus, boost energy, improve “the pump,” and help give you a big extra push. I wrote more about what a preworkout supplement does and explained some of the main ingedients in a past article here. Check that out if you’re totally new to preworkout supplements.

This article will discus three of my favorite preworkout supplements for weight lifting and why I like them the most. If you’re looking to try a new one or try some preworkout for the first time, give one of these a shot!

  1. Cellucor C4 – C4 seems to be a staple for many preworkout users. It offers a good mix of caffeine and includes some creatine for the added energy boost. If you’re new to preworkout, this is probably my #1 pick for you. It’s a well-rounded preworkout that tastes great and works. Personally, I’m more into an improved muscle pump, which is why C4 isn’t my personal favorite, but I use it often and I don’t see that changing any time soon. **BONUS** You can also get 25% off ALL Cellucor supplements. Just enter promo code YORK at checkout at
  2. Bullnox Androrush – Ah, Bullnox. Definitely my personal favorite, Bullnox provides a great caffeine boost and a great pump. Bullnox Androrush boasts a “superset” of supplement bliss that gives you a bigger, badder pump and faster growth than anything else! I don’t know about all that, but I definitely get a better workout and I do notice growth when I take it. It also claims to boost testosterone levels, which would make a big difference in muscle growth. I definitely recommend giving this a try.
  3. GAT Nitraflex – I will say that Nitraflex gave my beloved Bullnox a run for its money. It offered some tasty options, strong energy and a good pump. Nitraflex also claims to boost testosterone. I can’t say anything bad about it. It definitely does the job.

These are my personal top 3 for preworkout supplements for weight lifting. While both C4 and Nitraflex are awesome products, Bullnox takes home the top prize for me. With that said, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any of these options. If you’re new to preworkout, follow the instructions on the container and get ready take your workout to the next level! Enjoy!