What are the Best Ways to Exercise at Home?

I talked recently about what exercise burns the most belly fat at home. This article will discuss some different ways to exercise at home. Exercising at home can be a crucial part of changing your body. When life gets in the way, getting some work in at home, instead of doing nothing, can make a big difference in getting over the hump.

Here are some unique ways to make use of things you probably have sitting around the house. There’s always something you can do. The key is to get a little better every day!

1. Gallon Jugs (milk, juice, water, etc) – Gallon jugs weigh about 8 pounds. While this isn’t heavy by any means, it can be a great addition to an at-home workout. Intensify your workout by holding gallon jugs during squat jumps or adding overhead presses or curls to squats.

2. Chairs – Chairs are great for dips and inverted rows. Use chairs to work the triceps and chest with dips. You can increase the intensity by putting your feet on a chair as well. To work your back and biceps, put a sturdy broomstick or pole across the chairs to perform inverted rows.

3. Soup cans – Soup cans are great for stability exercises for the shoulders. At-home exercise is a great time to work the smaller muscles that typically get ignored at the gym. Different variations of shoulder raises can be intensified by holding a couple soup cans.

4. Mattresses – The mattress is a great way to add some instability to any exercise. Squats, pushups, and ab exercises can be made more challenging by simply performing them on a mattress. Try it out and see how much harder your core has to work!

5. Rags/towels- You can use rags and towels to change up push ups and ab exercises. Perform a push up with two small rags under your hands, but instead of just doing a push up, slide one arm out to the side as you descend to really test your core, shoulders and chest. You can also destroy your abs with some body saws by putting the rags under your feet and pushing forward and back.

These are some very simple objects you can use to intensify some common at-home exercises. You’ll find that adding these little variations creates some of the best ways to exercise at home. Couple this with some of these fruits that burn belly fat, and you’ll be seeing changes in no time! You can also check out this website for some great at home workout DVDs. If you know of some other cool ways to exercise at home, please comment! I’d love to hear about them.