Recently, I was asked what I wanted to do, not as a job, but as a body of work. I know I want my job to be a personal trainer, but what do I want to do with that job?

The answer is short, but much more complex than it seems. I want to help people change their bodies. I want to show people of any age or gender that they can accomplish their fitness goals, whether it be to do a pull up, get a six-pack, or simply play with their grand kids on the floor.

Over the course of my short time as a Certified Personal Trainer, I’ve significantly changed my own body. When I first started, I didn’t know what the best methods were. I’d read different things, try different workouts, and discard things I didn’t like. It was a learning process, and it always will be. Every body is different. Everyone responds differently to exercise and nutrition. I learn something new every day, but every lesson I learn takes me one step closer to being able to change another person’s body.

I’ve also learned that teaching people different exercises is easy. The hard part is getting people to believe that those exercises can actually change them.

Who Do I Want to Change?

I want to change people who are capable of pushing themselves. My brand of training is not for everyone. I’m not the bootcamp, scream-in-your-face type of trainer, but I always push my clients to get better. Workout over workout, week over week, I won’t let my clients stay the same. I am a firm believer that performance leads to results, so I will always be pushing my clients to do a little extra.

More specifically, I specialize in training men and women who are dead-set on changing their bodies to improve muscle definition and get stronger. I am not a physical therapist looking to rehab people. That’s not to say people with physical limitations like achy knees or joints can’t push themselves, but if you have a limiting injury, you need to see someone who specializes in injuries.

I want to teach my clients how to safely lift weights so they can enjoy the definition, strength and confidence that comes with lifting heavy weight. This is how you go from flabby and round, to toned and fit.

How Much Am I Willing to Bet That I Can Help You Succeed?

I am 100% confident that I can improve my clients performance. If you show up, I can guarantee that I will make you stronger and help you do things you might never have thought you could do again. Whether it’s pull ups, push ups, squats, jumping or as simple as getting up and down, I will help you get there.

I’m also confident that I can teach you what you need to know to lose fat so you can show off that new muscle. A lot of this is on you. I can tell you how to eat, but I can’t stop you from putting cookies into your mouth. This goes back to the type of client I work best with. If you’re willing to put in the time on your own, not just in two or three hours a week with me, you can succeed with the knowledge I bring to the table.

How Much Work Am I Willing to Do to Help You Get There?

I’m willing to put in as much time as you’re willing to put in. I don’t expect every client to be in peak physical condition or have an iron-clad will when it comes to eating right all the time. Part of my job is to help keep you on track.

However, EVERY client can try. If you’re willing to try, try and try again, I will work day and night to help you however I can.

Why Do I Take The Time to Help?

I believe that your health and your confidence is extremely important. In order to live a happy life, I think you have to be proud of who you are. For some people, their outward appearance means a lot more to them. Those are often the people who I can help the most. Exercise can be used for many things, and one of those things is sculpting the body. It’s getting rid of love handles, belly fat, arm flab. It’s developing killer arms and toned legs. All of those things create what’s really important – confidence. It’s about making people happy with themselves.

I learned how it made me happier, and at the same time, helped me become healthier as well. I learned the importance of it first hand through my own experience, and because of that, I realize how important it is for others. I’m blessed to be a part of that change.

Is It Possible For You?

Yes. If you’re willing to put in the time and the effort. It IS possible. It takes a lot of knowledge about how to lift, when to do cardio, when to eat certain things, what to eat and much more. It took me a long time to learn these things, but now that I know it, I can pass it along to you. I can provide your plan and the knowledge you need to succeed, you just need to put in the effort.